The BodyBilt portfolio, available to you through High and Mighty Office Seating, Ltd., is the most advanced ergonoimc seating system in the world. All our chairs have been engineered to reflect the concepts of natural (zero gravity) posture as revealed by studies undertaken by NASA

We offer a range of high quality chair for hundreds of environments:

We offer bespoke chair for big, tall, petite or wide individuals - up to 226 kilos in weight, or for those with very specific health requirements.

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Ergonomics, the European word synonymous with human factors, was invented in the early 1950s by a group of scientists and engineers interested in the relationship between people and machine. The word is derived from the Greek "ergon" -- work, and "nomos" -- natural laws of.

In a business context, we perhaps associate machines most readily with factories. However, typewriters, telephones, dictating equipment, photocopiers and computer terminals, have established themselves so firmly that office employees have as much contact with machines as do factory employees.

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When done properly and proportionately, health and safety is essential to a business's long-term prospects for survival in what are difficult times for our economy. Good occupational health and safety can also deliver vital cost savings and help your business to grow.
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